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Be Your Personal Best

PB+J Coaching is dedicated to athletes fulfilling their goals. A modern approach to training utilizing efficient and effective sessions to maximize your time. A key understanding of your lifestyle helps build a program that offers the consistency you need to succeed.


PB+J providing detailed custom coaching plans to athletes looking to progress in endurance sports. As a triathlete or a runner, view your schedule and track progress online via the industry leading Training Peaks portal.

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Online Coaching

We take advantage of communication technology to provide athletes a plethora of communication options: Phone / Email / Text / iMessage / FaceTime / Skype / Google Hangouts / Facebook Messenger / you name it! The scheduling is web based and app driven allowing us to easily coach athletes in different cities, provinces, even different counties.

Swim Video Analysis

Take your swim to the next level with pro video analysis from Martin Hill, certified coach with the legendary Swim Smooth team.  A multi angle pool video session with detailed commentary analysis and accompanying drills.


PB+J Coaching trains a limited number of athletes.

For availability contact us through FACEBOOK or visit our CONTACT PAGE