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A place at the Ironman World Championship

“.. James at PB+J Coaching provides honest feedback, clear direction and focuses on the key elements of endurance sport to ensure consistent improvement. With PB+J’s guidance I scored a place at the Ironman World Championship ..”
_ Vanessa Kennedy

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Supercharge your Performance

PB+J Endurance Coaches are dedicated to helping athletes fulfil their goals whether you compete in Ironman races, triathlon, run or cycling events.  A modern, scientific approach to training utilizing efficient and effective sessions to maximize your time.  Simplicity and ‘nailing the basics’ keeps you focused.

If your performance needs a boost, choose PB+J.

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We know endurance sports and know how to fit training into your busy schedule to maximise results. Detailed custom Triathlon Coaching, Run Coaching and Cycle Coaching plans for Ironman addicts, triathletes,  runners and cyclists of all abilities looking to boost their performance. We build in plenty of schedule flexibility so that when ‘life happens’ you can adjust also your training on the fly. This breeds the consistency, the key to great performance.

View and track your progress online via the industry leading Training Peaks website.

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Great Communication

Based in Kelowna, BC, Canada, we take advantage of technology to provide athletes with a plethora of communication options from Text, Email and Social Media Messaging to Zoom, FaceTime or Skype. We’re there when you need us. The schedule is web-based and app-driven allowing us to easily coach, monitor and communicate with athletes in different cities, provinces, states and countries.

Take it to the next level

PB+J Endurance Coaching take pride in the results we achieve. We have a team of athletes competing at all abilities, each with their own goals and dreams. Your coach is an integral part of the process; our team in an individual sport.  Ensuring consistency and performance improvements with a weekly training program customised to the individual.

So,   Make the leap, contact us today and see how a dedicated coach can make a substantial difference to your race and training performances.

“.. The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses; out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights ..”

_  Muhammad Ali