2019 Fresh Air Kelowna Cherry Blossom Triathlon


So you are ready to take on the amazing?Fresh Air Kelowna Cherry Blossom Triathlon! Great news. It’s where all the cool kids are!

This Beginner Training Plan starts on?February 25.?You can sign up for the free training plan at the FOOT OF THIS PAGE.?

Our free 10 Week Beginner Training Plan?will guide you gently towards the start?line. Courtesy of PB + J Coaching, you will receive weekly schedules detailing your workouts for the week. Swim sessions, bike sessions, and run sessions are all included. We will also cover transitions (the change from one sport to the other) and complete some brick workouts (where you immediately start one sport after the other, moving directly from the bike to a run for example).?On top of that, we’ll have some tips and advice, specific to the Fresh Air Kelowna Cherry Blossom Triathlon, on everything from race day to equipment.



Endurance sports are tough. Essentially you are breaking down the body with each training session. Your body then repairs itself, stronger than it was before as it repairs and adapts. Heart (cardiovascular), Lungs (Respiratory) and Structure (Muscles, tendons, joints) are all used in training, they then recover and improve.

The Fresh Air Kelowna Cherry Blossom Triathlon Beginner Training Plan?is built on a steady progression of training load. Taking you from shorter distances and intensities and building steadily to longer distances and higher intensities as we near the race.

What you need


Although this is a beginner training plan the assumption is that you have some, even minimal, background in each of the three disciplines. Swim, Bike and Run. As such you should have the equipment you need to perform each of these activities risk free. This training plan outlines a schedule of activity, it is not intended to educate anyone on how to perform these activities safely.

The training plan also assumes a existing base level of activity within the swim, bike and run. As a guideline you should be able to :

  • Swim at least 200m without stopping
  • Bike continuously for around 40-50 minutes
  • Run continuously for around 20 minutes

If you are unable to achieve one or more of these then please get in touch. If you are already proficient at one of these sports then feel free to maintain a higher level of activity within that sport. Just keep enough in the tank to successfully complete the prescribed training in the others.

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