This season, after 8 years of self-coached triathlon racing, I decided to finally hire a real coach and my choice went without hesitation to PB+J. I have known James for about 6 years and his passion and dedication for triathlon is really inspiring and hard to find.

The swim workouts are varied and always target different areas such as speed, endurance and strength. Indoor Bike workouts have never been more diverse and enjoyable and the run workouts are amazingly effective. Results speak louder than words so after 8 years of racing here are my gains in just 3 months with PB+J coaching: 12 seconds off my 400m swim time and 8 seconds off my 200m swim time. I have never felt so strong in the water.

My 20 minute bike TT is 1.5kmh faster than before at a lower heart rate and I have smashed Strava PR’s that I achieved at race fitness towards the end of last year. My endurance run pace, at the same heart rate as before, has improved by 30 seconds per km, crazy!

James is always on time posting workouts and he provides constant feedback and tips. He is also very efficient at adapting weekly workout based on injuries or fatigue