How to watch the Ironman World Championships

All the action. Live on race day.

The big dance! 

The Ironman World Championships. Triathlon’s most storied race and the end game for many age groupers aiming to test themselves against the best in the business. From the clear, fish filled waters of Digme Beach into the fabled heat, humidity and wind of the lava fields of the Queen K Highway and onto the final test; a marathon along the spectator filled Ali’i Drive before the bulk of the run back down the Queen K with only other competitors and aid stations to keep them company.

For those watching from home, there are several options to keep abreast of the action on raceday.  



DATE: Saturday 12th October 2019
START TIME (PRO MEN): 6:25 a.m. (local time)
WATCH: Facebook Watch via
CHAT: TRI247 Twitter via



Due to Facebook Video Lengths the streaming has to be split into separate videos at certain points of the day but you can likely just hit the and see the latest one being streamed live. 

Tracking Athletes

Use the Ironman Tracker App available on the iTunes and Google Play stores.


NBC Sports will be live streaming the race and also doing a recap show. Check out their page at the link below. 

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