Ironman Canada Clinic

August 28th + 29th, 2021

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We had limited spaces and they have gone. Please complete the application and we’ll add you to the wait list.

2021 Ironman Canada Clinic – Penticton

This clinic has everything you need and nothing you don’t. Stripped back to the essentials and completely free of charge.

No wine tastings, accommodation or massages. No documentary on the history of Ironman. No ‘All You Don’t Want to Eat Pasta Buffet’. No wallet emptying price point.

Just a chance to get onto the course and get some great race info and tips from PB+J with a focus on pacing and nutrition. 

For those not local, this is also a great opportunity to get familiar with the course during a swim, bike and run, including advice on key areas of the routes.

This clinic will be completely free of charge. Spaces limited. 


August 28th / 29th – Penticton, BC


Thanks for joining the PB+J Clinic. As previously mentioned, this is a stripped down clinic. No frills. Just an opportunity for some coaching advice and tips to take with you into race day. 

This has been a daunting year and we are conscious of the fact that various issues may come into play before or during the course of the weekend. With that in mind we have the following precautions. Thanks. in advance for your understanding.

COVID – We are very aware that the race is just a few weeks away so will try to minimize risk of infection. The clinic will be held outdoors. All attendees have attested to being fully vaccinated. Masks will be worn whilst in a group setting with social distancing measures applied. If the COVID situation in Penticton is considered a high risk that weekend, the clinic will be cancelled.

FIRE – Both the wild fire and air quality situation will be monitored. If the situation is deemed a health or safety risk. The clinic will be cancelled.




Saturday @ 8am – Meet  / Swim / Coach Tips / Long Run
Saturday will be a shorter day. We’ll meet up by the stage in Gyro Park (see map below) at 8am and go through some swim tips and do a swim warm up.

Athletes then have an opportunity to swim. We recommend around 2km or 3km for the swim (athlete dependant). After athletes have finished their swim, we will head over to  Vancouver Hill to check out this particularly challenging section.  After that, a 2 hour long run on the course. With a Q+A afterwards.

All details are optional. Please advise if you have any issues.

Note: The swim and run portions are done entirely at your own risk and are not part of the clinic. 

Sunday @ 7am – Meet Up / Coach Tips / Ride / Brick Run

Sunday will be a longer day, so we will have an earlier start. We’ll meet up a the stage in Gyro Park (see map below) and go through some pacing and nutrition info before heading out on the ride.

Usually we recommend a 5 to 6 hour maximum bike ride to achieve a feasible recovery afterwards. We appreciate that some are desperate to ride the full course to get it mentally accounted for. The ride is not part of the clinic and done entirely at your own risk. We will accommodate the  coaching, tips and advice around whatever distance you choose.  

The ride can be followed by a 1 hour brick run on the course to really get a feel for how your bike pacing and nutrition fare with a decent run afterwards. 

We recommend : 20 minutes slower than expected IM run pace / 20 minutes at IM run pace / 20 minutes faster than IM run pace.

Note: The bike and run portions are done entirely at your own risk and are not part of the clinic. 

All details are optional. Please advise if you have any issues.

On Course Support

F2C Nutrition have a sign up for on course support of water and hydration drink. You can find that post on Facebook HERE.

For the bike on Sunday, I am possibly flying solo, so will either stay at basecamp or head out to around the 90km marker as ‘Special Needs’ support. All riders should be prepared to be self supported currently. If that changes I will let everyone know.


Please feel free to email using our CONTACT PAGE or reply to one of the emails I have sent recently. 


Gyro Park – Penticton BC  |  Google Map HERE

penticton gyro park map

Clinic Application

The clinic has currently Sold Out. If you have not already applied, see you on race day!

Doing a 140.6 or 70.3?

This is the Facebook group for you.

We created a group specifically for full and half distance athletes interested in learning more about racing and training. Along with the usual group discussions we'll also be posting tips and advice on key aspects of long course triathlon, alongside some swim, bike and run workouts. A great learning opportunity with pro coach advice from PB+J. So ... dive in, join the group, and we look forward to having you on board.

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