Ironman canada coaching 2024

From the lake shore of Penticton, to Kona and beyond.

Make your own history with our Ironman Canada 2024 Coaching plan.

A place at the Ironman World Championship

“.. James at PB+J Coaching provides honest feedback, clear direction and focuses on the key elements of endurance sport to ensure consistent improvement. With PB+J’s guidance I scored a place at the Ironman World Championship ..”
_ Vanessa Kennedy

1-on-1 Onboarding Meeting

An initial 1-1 session with your coach establishes your current training load. From there we provide a fully customized training plan specific to your goals, ability and lifestyle, giving you the sessions you need to ensure you hit your target races as strong as you can be.

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Online programming

PB+J uses Training Peaks, the world’s premier scheduling and analysis software for triathlon, running and cycling endurance athletes, allowing you to view your schedule and track your progress. View the weekly plan online and receive daily workouts emailed direct to your inbox.


Each PB+J athlete has a plan customized to suit their specific goals and lifestyle. A weekly suite of indoor / outdoor workouts focussed on the areas you need to ensure your best triathlon performance.

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Great Communication

Integral to the success of PB+J athletes is the ability to communicate with their coach. Video calling, phone calls and prompt email response ensures your personal needs are met. While based in North America, PB+J has athletes across the globe and is adept at accommodating different time zones. (English and Spanish spoken)

Great Results Start Here.

PB+J  is dedicated to your Ironman Canada Coaching..
From beginner through to advanced age group athletes, our focus on consistent athletic progression and injury prevention ensures consistency and great results.

The PB+J team has a long history of success at Ironman Canada. Many first time successes have been upgraded with personal best times in the following years. With podium spots, Age Group wins and Kona World Championship qualifications from our athletes and coaches.

If you want the inside scoop on Ironman Canada and a specific, customized training program to perfectly match the Penticton course then you’re in the right place. 

Whatever your goals, we have the knowledge and experience to get you there.


Unlike many other coaching programs, we know that life happens.
Of course, we are always here to help and adjust your program, but with PB+J’s Ironman Canada coaching, flexibility is built into each weeks training. This allows you to make changes on the fly.
When work or family life diverts your attention, you can simply adapt and move on.

Consistency breeds success and we give you the tools to be consistent, whatever your lifestyle, getting the most out of your training and race performances.

Customized – To You, the race + your lifestyle.

Whether you are time crunched, or have a ton of training availability, we match your coaching hours to you. We also build in flexibility, alongside the skills to adapt so that you can adjust on the fly. Training consistency. Time maximized. Stress free.

Train Smarter with PB+J

Check out our analysis of the new IMC Bike Course and also the new IMC Run Course.

We're so sure you'll love it.


We put out money where our mouth is. A full money back guarantee.

We’ll get you up and running and provide a full month coaching plan. Customized to you, week by week.  We’re confident you’ll love the coaching. So confident, that if you don’t feel that PB+J Coaching is the right fit for you we’ll refund your full month fee. No questions asked.

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,You can choose from our monthly Regular or Premium Ironman Canada coaching programs.
They are customized specifically for you, targeting maximum performance at your key races.
Both programs receive many of the same great benefits from PB+J, the main difference is the amount of coach contact athletes receive..

For most athletes the Regular Coaching Program is a great option.
For athletes looking to really delve into their performance data and maximize their training knowledge, our Premium Coaching Program, offers greater coach interaction.

* Money Back Guarantee - If you are not entirely satisfied after the first month you can cancel your coaching and get your money back.

Ready to join the PB+J team?

We’d love to have you on board. P+J is a great bunch of friendly athletes, ready to welcome you on to the team.
There is no time like the present!
Hit the button to contact us or scroll down for info on what happens next and what to expect from your program.

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