PB+J Endurance Coaching (an acronym of Personal Best and James) is a team of endurance athletes training for all distances of triathlon, running and cycling. PB+J specializes in beginner to advanced age group athletes with a focus on consistent athletic progression and injury prevention to ensure consistency and great results.

The program consists of an initial 1-1 session with your coach to work out your goals, look at how the training will fit into your lifestyle and establish a current training load.  We’ll provide a fully customized training plan specific to your goals, ability and lifestyle, giving you the sessions you need to ensure you hit your target races as strong as you can be.

1-on-1 Onboarding Meeting

A one-on-one evaluation where we establish your training history, goals and schedule. A key element that allows us to build a plan that promotes consistency and breeds success.

Online programming

PB+J uses Training Peaks, the world’s premier scheduling and analysis software for triathlon, running and cycling endurance athletes, allowing you to view your schedule and track your progress. View the weekly plan online and receive daily workouts emailed direct to your inbox.


Each PB+J athlete has a plan customized to suit their specific goals and lifestyle. A weekly suite of indoor / outdoor workouts focussed on the areas you need to ensure your best triathlon, running or cycling performance.


Integral to the success of PB+J athletes is the ability to communicate with their coach. All forms of standard communication are catered for, including video calling and online messaging, and a 1 hour monthly consult ensures we are on track.

Limited Availability

Whether you have questions or are keen to get going, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us through FACEBOOK or visit our hit the contact button below.