PB+J Virtual Duathlon

May 3rd, 2020

3km Run | 20km Bike | 5km Run

Sunday, May 3rd

Due to the hugely disappointing, but wise, cancellation of the Kelowna Cherry Blossom Triathlon we are holding a virtual race in its honor.

The Cherry Not-On Duathlon.

This is a free to enter event. Just for fun. We’ll keep it simple and the rules are below.

Free to Enter

Simply send us a Facebook message or contact us through our website and ask to be added to the start line. No cost. Nada.

Easy to Race

Choose indoors, outdoors or a mix of the two. Race indoors on your treadmill or trainer or race, socially distanced, outside. The only stipulation in that you record your runs and bike with a GPS / Computer. It must, at minimum, note time started, distance covered, time taken and then uploaded to a training program such as Strava / Training Peaks / Garmin Connect.

A Fair Course

To avoid people running or biking all downhill, and therefore achieving an unfairly fast time, you must start each segment and finish each segment at the same place. If you run downhill you end up having to run back up. A flat course is likely your better option. If you change locations during transition that is absolutely fine. Just as long as you start and finish each individual event in the same place.  


The rules are simple.
3km run / 20km bike / 5km run. The times for each are added together to give you a total race time. 

The Race has to be completed on Sunday, May 3rd.

To ensure everyone has a fair amount of time for transitions we fix the transition between run and bike and the bike and run (T1 and T2) to 10 minutes. So, you get up to 10 minutes to transition without any additional time. Anything over 10 minutes will be added to your total time. The smarter cookies will take almost a full ten minutes rest. 

This fixed transition period allows people to safely put their bike away in a car, for example, without rushing. Or change location for a safer bike or run if that is applicable.

Results will be posted on our FACEBOOK PAGE and on an update on this race post page. 

Ready to Roll?

Send us a message or ask any questions. 


How to Enter

Contact us through our FACEBOOK PAGE

or via Email using our CONTACT PAGE .

Any questions? Please feel free to CONTACT US

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