Workout | The Myrtle

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What is the Myrtle?

Training hard and then sitting around as a desk all day is the perfect storm for a lack of mobility in the hip area. But?don’t worry, this suite of?Dynamic Stretching, Strength and Range of Motion exercises are great way to overcome that.

A?fantastic way of boosting strength and mobility throughout the hip and glutes, the Myrtle routine is?ideally suited to being a regular fixture in your weekly schedules. It’s relatively quick, easy to perform anywhere (I do mine whilst watching TV!) and is also a really good way of getting your hip areas fired up for a workout too, especially if you haven’t been very mobile leading up to the training session.

The key is to focus on your range of motion, not the speed of the movement. Your muscle memory starts to kick in after a few runs through it and everything feels a little easier so stick with it.

Watch the video to get a feel for the routine and how to do the exercises properly, there is also a link to a PDF for those who want to print a copy out.


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